Teun de Nooijer

Netherlands name team for 2011 Champions Trophy

Dutch coach Paul van Ass has named his 18 man squad for the upcoming 2011 Champions Trophy Hockey tournament. The tournament, to be held in Auckland, New Zealand from 3-11 December, will be the final international tournament prior to next years 2012 London Olympic Games.

Having failed to make the final of the Champions Trophy tournament since 2006, van Ass has selected many of the big names of the squad, including penalty corner specialist Taeke Taekema, star midfielder Robbert van der Horst and legendary attacker Teun de Nooijer, in an attempt to put in a solid performance and reinstate themselves as one of the challengers for next year’s Olympic Gold Medal. De Nooijer has made an amazing 439 times for the national team, scoring 216 goals. Taekema has contributed 218 goals in his 234 international caps.

Floris Evers in action vs New Zealand

A number of well known players have not made the squad. Amsterdam H&BC’s Floris Evers (pictured above) is continuing his recovery from a hernia, while Robbert Kemperman, Sander Baart, Laurence Docherty, Sam van der Ven, Melchior Looijen, Floris van der Linden, Eby Kessing and Marcel Balkestein have all missed the cut but will remain part of the Netherlands Olympic training group.

Netherlands squad – Owen G Glenn FIH Champions Trophy Tournament, 2011 (Auckland, New Zealand)

Number,Name, Caps, Goals, Club

2, Jaap Stockmann (GK), 43, 0, H.C. Bloemendaal

4, Klaas Vermeulen, 40, 2, Amsterdamsche H.& B.C.

7, Wouter Jolie, 99, 10, H.C. Bloemendaal

9, Roderick Weusthof, 135, 69, H.C. Rotterdam

10, Taeke Taekema, 234, 218, Amsterdamsche H.& B.C.

11, Jeroen Hertzberger, 95, 37, H.C. Rotterdam

14, Teun de Nooijer, 439, 216, H.C. Bloemendaal

19, Bob de Voogd, 20, 7, M.H.C. Oranje-Zwart

20, Sander de Wijn, 13, 1, S.V. Kampong

22, Rogier Hofman, 103, 27, H.C. Bloemendaal

24, Robert van der Horst, 170, 11, H.C. Rotterdam

25, Seve van Ass, 11, 0, H.G.C.

26, Valentin Verga, 35, 1, Amsterdamsche H.& B.C.

27, Quirijn Caspers, 18, 1, S.V. Kampong

28, Billy Bakker, 36, 8, Amsterdamsche H.& B.C.

29, Tim Jenniskens, 26, 2, H.C. Bloemendaal

30, Mink van der Weerden, 9, 7, M.H.C. Oranje-Zwart

32, Pirmin Blaak (GK), 1, 0, H.C. Rotterdam

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