Simian Maximus and SImian Cornelius Hockey bags & back packs

Simian Maximus and Simian Cornelius Hockey bags arrive

Simian Hockey is pleased to announce that their range of hockey stick bags and back packs have arrived and are now available for purchase in the UK.Introducing the Simian Maximus and Simian Cornelius.

Continuing the understated design demonstrated in the Simian Zira, both bags contain the signature pattern on their side panels, as well as discrete stylish “Simian Hockey” labels.

The Simian Maximus stick bag has plenty of pockets making sure there is enough room for all of your match kit.

Simian Maximus Hockey stick bag

The Simian Cornelius back pack is perfect for training sessions where you don’t need to take a full carry all of gear.

The Simian Cornelius Hockey back pack

Both bags are currently available in the UK and soon to be available in Australia.

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