YMCA maintain second place in Ireland

Dublin’s YMCA Hockey club have maintained second position in the Irish Leinster Division 1 Hockey league following a 3-1 victory over Corinthian.

YMCA set up their victory in the early stages of the match with a 3-0 lead being created within the first 22 minutes of the match at Milltown this afternoon.

YMCA’s first goal came from an Allan Dale flick from the match’s first penalty corner, before Jonny Bruton struck home after dispossessing a defender on the right edge of the circle. YMCA’s third was scored by Tasmanian Marcus Richardson, using the Simian Zira, with a well struck shot.

Dashiel Hewitt in action for YMCA with Simian Zira

Corinthian pulled back what would be a consolation goal through Lucas Piccioli’s diving touch to Henry Micks’ corner shot, but the second half saw far less opportunities for both sides and the match finished 3-1 to YMCA.

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